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Tech Info von Felge.de - Durchrom

Our vehicles have not only gotten faster, they've gotten heavier also. Multimedia, comfort and saftey standards have put new requirements on the engine, brakes, tires and of course the rims. The modern brakes need plenty of space, and the circumference of the rims are larger in dimension, the wheel space hasn't grown with them.

3er BMW PT Cruiser Ford Focus

Thru the years, we have developed a tire that is becoming flatter. Of course, these tires have a different standard than the conventional tire technique. There were problems to solve with impact damage and. The mandatory tire test of TUV were widened to include an impact test. As a dealer of tuner rims we noticed these problems early on a developed a way to solve this dilemma.

Volvo S80 Ford Focus

Impact damage happens when one hits the curb. This damages the outer rimhorn, the so-called curbing edge. Soft material such as aluminum is very apt to receive these ugly marks. This also leads to corrosion problems. All impact damage has paint peeling-off as a result. The unprotected aluminum quickly corrodes.

Felgenstern with DurChrom plating.
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Flat spots happen when one drives over speed bumps or other such objects. The object hit inpacts thru the tire to the rim and causes damage to both. Not an easy task for the wheel developers. Especially because the wheel should not become heavier.

The solution is perfect!!

The Radinox technique!!.

It can be used on 3-piece built rims. A non-rust material makes a further surface treatment unneccessary. This 2mm thin plate becomes an impact-proof wheel shell. The critical curbing edge is double-rolled. Impact situations can never be completely avoided, but with a Radinox rim, the damage is not so dramatic.

The Radinox shell can handle scratches, inpact and full-blow hits a lot better than conventional rims. The hard material barely takes on scratches. Corrosion goes against natures law. The durable conception hardens the curbing edge.

Fitting to the shine of the rimbed, the hub can be covered in DurChrom. The solution is a complete shining rim. You can count on jealous looks with these rims. It doesn't matter if you choose hubs with silver covering or the chrom variety. The shine and stability of Radinox rimbeds will impress you, time and again!!