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Tech Info von Felge.de - What wheel can stand that - RADINOX can!

Lord of the rings

The outer wheel dish on Schmidt-Revolution RADINOX technology based wheels is made entirely of the special high-grade metal RADINOX. RADINOX is an extremely hard, lightweight stainless steel.

RADINOX stands for a new and exclusive Schmidt-Revolution production technology. In a patented process, the outer rim of the wheel is rolled inwards. This is followed by a cold forming process that compresses the metal in this marginal area, making it extremely hard. The result is a protective edge of hitherto unattained rigidity. It offers maximum protection against damage through kerb contact, amply demonstrated by the photos - wheel intact, kerb crumbled !


The word is out

The cheapest product we can make is first-class quality.
Put another way, nothing is more expensive than poor quality - for there lies trouble! Complaints are expensive, unnecessary and troublesome, for customers, for dealers and for us.

Using RADINOX as an example, these pages illustrate our quality production. RADINOX is the name of a unique production process, initiated exclusively by Schmidt-Revolution, which results in stainless steel wheel rims that are lighter, harder and more polished when compared to aluminium alloys.

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Handmade in Germany

The aspirations of a company can be reflected in the price of an end product. The price however can also be a reflection of a cost-intensive production process and express the true value of an end product.

Schmidt-Revolution manufactures exclusive wheels in small series - in a rationalized production process supported by cutting edge, computer controlled precision machines.

A process however that relies on manual dexterity - "handmade in Germany". The assembly of our 3-section wheel "VN-Line" illustrates the high value and true exclusivity with which Schmidt-Revolution wheels are manufactured.

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